We, Advance Thermo Technology Co., Ltd., manufacture thermostat approved by International Standard Certificate: ISO-9001, VDE, CB, UL and JET under the ATT brand. We have many models that you can apply to your product. We also have experienced engineers who can design professionally per the customer’s requirement. ATT's Bimetal thermostat line up consists of SPST (Single-Pole, Single Throw) including automatic reset, manual reset and one shot-cycle. You can use the Bimetal thermostat as follows:

Our thermostats are widely used in electric cookers, for example, Jar Pot, Microwave Oven, Oven Toaster, Coffee Maker, etc. that cook delicious meals; in Water Heaters that provide you with comfortable warm water; in Heaters that keep you warm during winter.

You can either use our thermostats as temperature control device or temperature protection device in office, factory equipment, or production facilities, such as copy machines, laser printer, industrial motors, welding machine, etc.